"I just love this wallpaper"
These are the words I kept saying as we installed our canvas wallpaper from Luxe Walls. As soon as I pulled the panels out of the tube, I used those we easily re positioned the first panel to get it just right, I said those I effortlessly smoothed air bubbles from the wallpaper,  I said those words... I just LOVE this wallpaper! 
I have to be honest, I was a little hesitant thinking about this project. We've had wallpaper installed in the past & it seemed to take forever to hang, messy glue everywhere, not being able to remove and re apply and then waiting for the glue to dry.
But as soon as I saw this product up close and saw the quality of the canvas wallpaper I became super excited to get started. And best of all Luxe Canvas is a self-adhesive, removable, reusable and repositionable Wallpaper - Perfect for renters, or refreshing a room.
The wallpaper took around 1 hour to hang, we took our time re positioning the first panel to make sure it was level and going to create a good base for the rest of the wall. (Plus we found our ceiling and walls were not 100% square, so had to do the best we could.) Once that first panel was up the others were hung much quicker. Plus we kept stopping to take photo's & videos along the way....and we had a little helper! Ruby couldn't keep her hands off it lol. She had a great time smoothing the wallpaper down and taking the backing paper off. So I'd imagine the whole process could be done in even less time.
Check out our Luxe Walls Removable wallpaper installation below:
We made sure our wall was dust free, clean & dry.
Was also the perfect time to spring clean Ruby's room, dust the skirts, vacuum behind her bed lol.
The panels come rolled up in this huge tube. Our wall was 291cm x 235cm and we received 4 panels.
Inside you'll find detailed instructions on how to install your wallpaper.
Each panel has a sticky side, to start, easily peel off around 10cm of the backing.
Once the top part has been peeled back, you're ready to position your first panel.
Hubby is much taller than I am so he got the privilege of lining up the first panel hehe. Look at that gorgeous botanical print!! 
The 3 other panels waiting to be installed...
Once you have the panel lined up and it's straight, start smoothing the wallpaper out and pulling the backing paper bit by bit until you reach the bottom.
Make sure the wallpaper is smooth and neatly pressed into the skirt.
(Just checking it's level lol)
Then we start to line up the second panel, (Tip: Make sure the wallpaper is matching at eye level, people are less likely to look up near the ceiling or down at the skirting once it's all complete)
This product is literally peel & stick!
Up goes panel number 3.
Last panel.... We had a little over hang on the right hand side, so we smoothed it out & made sure the wallpaper was nicely pressed into the edge/corners ready to be trimmed.
A couple of quick videos showing how easy trimming the wallpaper is, and then time to put Ruby's room together!
Ruby's freshly updated room! 
We are so impressed with this product and how ahhhmazing it looks!
And best of all Ruby LOVES her new room 👌
Luxewalls have 3 Simple Steps To A New Wall:
Pick Your Look
 Pick an image you like from thousands of images on, 102 million images from their image partner Alamy or upload your own image.
Measure Up
 Measure your wall’s width and height – Their videos will show you just how easy it is! Your wallpaper is custom made to order and Delivered in 7 – 10 working days.
Easy Installation
 Easy Installation = DIY masterpiece
Sit back and enjoy your new room!
*This Blog is in collaboration with Luxe Walls.

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