Ella's Room

Ella's Room

Ella's Bedroom Makeover


Some of you may remember we did a makeover in Ruby's room last year (2017) using the botanical wallpaper from Luxe Walls & the new Hammock Swings that we now stock......Well of course little Ella didn't want to miss out on all the fun & has been asking and asking for a swing in her room! So when Luxe Walls contacted us, it was finally Ella's turn to have her room made over! There are two main things that really excite me about using Luxe Walls wallpaper.....
   1) Mess free / Easy to install.                                        
2) The HUGE range of wallpapers to choose from!   
 I was like a kid in a candy store!! I ended up chosing images from their image partner Alamy who have a massive collection and I was able to make a custom design, creating the gorgeous floral water colour pattern below! Their team were super helpful during the design process and made it exactly the way I had envisioned. 
I'm sure that anyone who has met Ella would agree with me that she is one fun, lively and colourful little pocket rocket! So I really wanted that to come across in her new room & make it special for her. Scroll down to see her new room with details below each photo. At the end of the blog I'll pop a list of products & where to get them.
In love with the Luxe Walls Custom Wallpaper that framed her feature wall 😍😍 (we did a blog previously on how to install the removable  wallpaper...super easy so check it out if you're thinking of getting wallpaper!) And can I just say.....that.bed.head!! 💕💕 I got the rattan Petal Bedhead in Natural from Life Interiors, it truly makes her room feel amazing and is a huge feature that I absolutely adore. It's light-weight and the bed head simply lays flat against the wall with the bed pushed up against it. No need to attach. ✅
I've always admired the gorgeous cushions by Onyx & Smoke and with their extensive range of luxe fabrics & colours available it was a hard choice but I absolutely love the Lavish Velvet cushions I chose. Maroon & Forrest Green in the square style👌 They are THE softest velvet I've ever touched, perfect for Ella to snuggle up to!
One of the best creations for little girls rooms has to be the Bow Drop by Tleaf Collections 😍 Seriously cute, practical and also a feature! I had fun matching the bow's from Asha & Co to her wallpaper 🤣🙊 We use bow's in both our girls hair all the time, takes a simple pony tail to the next level 😅, but we were forever losing them because they never had a proper home.....well not anymore 😉
A personal fave of mine is this stunning bedside 😍😍 A solid timber Stump by Endemic Design. The texture is unbelievable, soft to touch yet has that raw natural beauty to it with a flat surface. PLUS Endemic Design are also fellow Tasmanian designers creating bespoke pieces & just happen to be my awesome Brother & Sister in law 😉👌 #shoplocal The fairy lights from Petite Jolie add a magical touch and the perfect night light glow.
I went with a Jute Basket from Zaabre to keep Ella's  toys tidy - she LOVES plush toys....they're everywhere!! So we have a few big jute baskets throughout the house to store the girls toys 🙈 They blend perfectly with our scandi home & look much nicer than the usual plastic toy box 👌 Especially when teamed with the super cute wall decals from Stick Stay! These are from the new Rain Forrest range - how cute is that little sloth 😍😍 The decals are removable, repositionable & easy to use, perfect for renters or if you're like me & just like re shuffling 😉
On Ella's bedside I popped one of our Lhasa Baskets for her to store all her little trinkets (AKA shopkins, puppy in my pocket, kinder eggs etc 🙈😅) I love that they have lids to keep everything hidden away. I found this cute little bunny doll by Nana Huchy at Jack & Willow - the perfect little bedtime friend! 💕
Another fave in Ella's room is this gorgeous mustard throw blanket by Feliz Home. How fun are all those tassels 😄 What little girl doesn't like a tassel!! Plus on warm summer nights she can strip her doona back and sleep with this light weight throw.
And of course we had to have our Leather Shelves in her room for all her special pieces! The shelves are positioned on the wall opposite her bedhead so she will be able to lay in bed and look up at all her precious goodies 😍 The Faux Leather Heart is by Wool & Willow, cute A5 'Fae' print by Bek Halliday, Penant Flag & Timber Bottle by This Paper Book, Wooden toys by Happy Go Ducky & I found these cute little felt Mushrooms at Jack & Willow. The set of books were passed on to my children from Grandma & Grandad - and were the perfect size for our shelves too!
We've had these adorable letter boxes by House Of Cherub for a couple of years now and the girls just love them....especially when I put little after school treats in there for them 😉 It's so cute seeing Ruby pop drawings in Ella's letter box & the smiles they make 😍😍
Have you seen the Slumberkins range? These super cute and ridiculously soft toys are brilliant, flat to snuggle in bed & don't take up much room in the toy basket unlike so many other soft toys (giant Nemo toy I'm thinking of you 😜) Ella LOVES her Bigfoot Slumberkin that we got from The Gathered Store & was quite upset when I forgot to pack him on our recent holiday, she takes him everywhere 🙈 #mybad
Probably the most exciting part of the room for Ella is having her own Hammock Swing, the perfect spot for her to sing her little lungs out 😅🙉 Behind the swing on the wall I used a beautiful cane Mirror from Zaabre, a super sweet Littlelops Velvet Bunny Head and a Wildflower Fairy Wreath by Bek Halliday. I clustered them together in a group of 3 with the mirror off centre.
Both our girls rooms are quite small but we've managed to fit quite alot in without compromising the design or style. I'm so happy with the end result and so is Miss Ella Bella, I'll post more photo's on our Instagram account @interiormotivesaus so make sure you have a look over the next week or so!
Amanda xx
Below is a list of products & suppliers used Ella's room, simply click for more info. PLUS we currently have 20% Off Storewide. Enter the code: 2018 at checkout.

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Wallpaper - Luxe Walls

Rattan Bedhead - Life Interiors

Velvet Cushions - Onyx & Smoke

Bow Drop - Tleaf Collections

Hair Bows - Asha & Co

Stump Bedside - Endemic Design

Fairy Lights and Coco Chanel Book - Petite Jolie

Jute Basket, Mirror & Cane Bag - Zaabre

Animal Decals - Stick Stay

Hammock Swing, Lhasa Basket & Leather Shelves - Interior Motives Aus

Pink Button Cushion on Swing - Immy & Indi

Bunny Toy & Felt Mushrooms - Jack & Willow

Mustard Throw Blanket - Feliz Home

Faux Leather Heart - Wool & Willow

Print on shelf and Wildflower Fairy Wreath - Bek Halliday

Pennant Flag & Wooden Bottle - This Paper Book

Letterbox on door - House Of Cherub

Bigfoot Slumberkin Toy - The Gathered Store

Pink Velvet Bunny Head - Little Lops

Rug - Odds and Evie

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